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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

just a i phone quickie trial

just checking to see where my pictures are going and this was the cutest thing I had nearby to photograph I think I can do this after I get all those apps back in my phone my other phone had several but I have to go find them for apple
we are still running to the doctor yesterday a new general  for things like flu and sinus she checked my blood pressure which has been running high for a few months and now I will be on bp med really!
I exercise try to eat right now I will be taking as much meds as my husband who does not do those things anyway today we go back to see about his kidney stones and what they are going to do last week had the cist retaken off his head that came back and then I work the next 4 days so I get no sewing in unless I'm sneaky
sorry this is boring me too so

I will have a quilty  post hopefully tomorrow stay tuned  I really have been working
talk later have a great day