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Saturday, May 4, 2013

noodlehead basket

i bought a pdf pattern of a divided basket i have seen alot of divided baskets but usually the divider is removible this one is sewn in and i likedit had several fabrics and a outer pocket so this week i tied into itcouple things the pics are not good and after print even worse but i think i got it the divider incertion is a bit confusing so i dont know if i did it the right way or my way either way i think they turned out adorablei sometimes with things like this i cut out 2 just in case i screw it up so ill be keeping one and giving one full of diapers and such away later here they are in proogress 

and the finish

 the lighting really does not do them justice the outer is a really pretty leaf camoprint and the lining a orange leopard he does alot of hunting so i thought this would work i cant wait to make more

 that i got a pattern in padukah of a tote with a velcro divider im going to try that later

i also cut out this purse pattern while im off work and plan to finish it
<outer body

<lining and accent corners

 this is stil my work place under water the water has fallen but with all the rain the illinois and mississippi are predicted to rise again

wellthats it for today
catch ya later