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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

new fast quilt project

so we got an invite to a boys wedding that we have known all his life and wanted to give him something special so i rooted through all my fabric trying to find enough of something not to big i could easily maybe quilt myself and heres what i found a half cut out quilt with still all the fabric together and all i had to do was cut out a few more squares and stitch it up 2to 3 days work now to baste and quilt i have a month it looks like something i would snuggle under
12 in blocks 6x7layout
i have said before im not good with random scrappy and sames touching but i like it i really do i think im going to quilt in geometric squares all over and a pieced back

my hobo is done but  i think it needs a little bling
photos to come
talk later
diana : )