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Sunday, April 21, 2013

tale of two rivers

so i life between the illinois river and the mississippi river out in the middle of nowhere in the country  and  thats  the way we like it yes its a pain when this happens and a pain when you need to got o the store 45 min away



when i got to work the bleachers were barely in the water now 2 pm


7 am


right now the resteraunt where i work is taking on water and everybody has to drive around and stare at averybodys misfortune why is that noone ever cares how high the water has been and now everybody wants to stare and they are just in the way of us poor people trying to make a living we will have a makeshift gravel walk so we can get in and out and its unbeleivable how many people will walk thro the water acrosss the gravel berm just so they can ask a million questions and never see them againthe phone will ring off the hook wanting to know if the ferry that is now basically turning around in our parking lot is still running ( HELLLLO PEOPLE THEY HAVE   A PHONE LOOK IT UP PLEASE) the three surrrounding towns are also flooded the have shut down the bridge to louisians mo
this was yest at 2 pm it has now completely surrounded the resteraunt and has begun to enter the front entrancewe will be removing the tables and chairs today and whatever is left they predict 3 -4 feet inside the building by mid week
then when it returnd to the banks we alljoin in the fun of clean up the muddy mess
repainting bleaching washing
then life as we know it on the quilt river side will return THATS MY RANT off to work i hope
have a great day