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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

finish and a new start

well awile back i told you that i had several projects (quilts) startedthat i didnt even remember starting either i had the pattern and fabric together in a container some i had even cut out and put away like this one
a very easy pattern straight sewing on squares and rectangles and its been cut out i think 3 yrs !so i started it yesterday i need something simple after the dwr and before i start the other neices i also finished the las pillow front

forgot what i was doing and two of the sections a totally wrong oh well it was just practice anyway

 the back

oh and as if i have not seen enough circkes while it was raining yesterday i have had this thought i had 2 jelly rolls i got at joanns quilt a while back discovered after opening that there is only 4 fabrics i sewed then together used my accuquilt studio and made this unfortunatly i only had enough blue leftover for 3 sides illhave to slip something else in the other side
im seeing now that the sides are not perfect  i might need to adjust this
gotta go to work today all day yaa ! have a great day