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Thursday, April 18, 2013

little more progress

i have made a little more progress on this quilt i have to say its a no brainer and the fact that i had already cut it out well its just what i need to work on before i start on another dwr for my other neice i need to be peicing the backing for it and get it up to my longarmer i should be sewing the binding on the celebration quilt and get it on the rack for raffle tickets but im not
i think i have elves with scissors see how that black strip on the piece at the machine looks to short well it is i thought it was all cut perfect when i put it away  i dont know what happens to my cutting ability

and made a little more headway on the quilting of this about four more blocks then the border
still raining here i think its never gonna stop my husbands been sick since we go thome better today
have a great day