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Saturday, January 12, 2013

picture promises

first of all im sorry this even took so long to post i seem to have time to go through everyone elses blog but not update mine so i took a few pictures of thing i want to get done this year

this is some fabric i got on sale at walmart thought it would make a beautiful dresden bed runner IF i really do make it

this is the crewel world its and applique not my stron suit its supposed to be raw edge i thought i would make it harder by turning and making invisible machine applique since i really dont know how to do that either


above my bloggers bom i need to sash and finish

the quilt im working on about an hour every couple days ayy yayy!!! all those circles

my studio double wedding ring die  200 got it for 139

paper pieced double wedding judy neimeyer  have 2 bali pops need 3 more to start

sew spooky bom on #3 got in the mail hope you didnt think i had time  to start that one either
im telling you i have quilters/crafters AADD

to the right in the large garbage bag is my finished stitchers garden the binding is cut but not sewn on gotta get that done!!
i bought this kit in kentucky last year and yes it is still in the plastic bag

this is the weekender bag pattern im dying to start but i need to finish one thing before that i think this the fabric i got for it wrenly i think

 below is somefabric and quite a bit i found and have no idea what its for ( note to self start attaching a post it to fabric i buy for a project saying what it is and where to find it )

moth 2 of crewel world

the first month not bad for first one i still might start over and do it raw edge but the one i saw done was not i  dont know i confuse myself  well thats it
we are gong to see our grandaughter on my husbands b-day 2-2 so i probaby wont get much done
see ya diana