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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

feeling better and some extra pictures

today i will be making cake for cake balls i think im going to try and shape them into horse heads for my nieces b-day on sat never made a horse head before how hard can it be HA HA if all else fails there is icecream and pizza

the binding almost finished cant wait to wash iti dont think a quilt is finished till its washed
below it the fabric for my nieces double wedding ring ive been to sick to even want to open the boxes now thats sick!feelin like i might today

 and when i picked up my quilt i bought pattern below she has a finished one at the store and its beautiful  ive been looking at this pattern for awhile its the sonehenge fabric line
nobody loves you like a dog this is my bubba taking a nap just thought you might need a laugh! 
this is the interior of my clutch forgot to post it it has a pocket on each side that you can barely see