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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

French braid new start

Monday sunrise

New beginning
Carpenters star wedding gift

Tennessee waltz
Another new beginning
Hubs is working nights so cutting and pressing is quieter than sewing in the next room
And remember this one
We'll long story short the center braid is not 2.5strips it's 1.5so have to cut them down
I went to the closest quilt shop to ask for direction so I wouldn't ruin this since the shop where I bought all of it is 2 hours away
Only to be told that I don't have enough fabric to do inner braid 
So my wonderful husband drove all the way back there sat and they had enough leftover in the basement Great
I tell the same lady that we had that how it's just not like me /us to not buy extra because I measure once cut twice method
After 2hrs of looking through all that fabric she says I did get extra because she remembers I bought an extra jelly roll I go I am going to start cutting this week fingers crossed!
Have a great week 
Talk later