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Monday, April 14, 2014

Carpenters star

This is what it really looks like all done

It's about 68/70
I added another 2in to top and bottom to make it a little taller
Truly is a quick quilt and so many color ops.
My blocks are 6" finished
I started with7 in and cut them down

My hubs poor guy had as cist taken off his head for the third time
A surgeon not a derm this time he says it will not be back
He has to wear a hard hat at work so yes he is home for 2weeks
I am posting from the doctors office now 15 min behind

And another beautiful sunrise at work Saturday morning
I am working on binding this week and finishing the quilting fractured diamonds
Happy so far with it I did rip out a line of stitches
We'll hopefully doc will be here soon
Have a beautiful day
Talk later