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Saturday, September 21, 2013

modern mylee done

I did get a couple things done this week my fireworks quilt done and pressed more on that later I cant find a good place to take pics
I did not get 2 more blocks crewel world but it is on my list this week no biggie
I did however get modern mylee baby quilt finished and bound here it is

I was

 a little nervous about the border scared actually I have never done this type before so I basted down the edge and jumped in it turned out great no ripples dimples or things that go bump
I will get some better shots later this week
I also made a little scrap table topper for outside

this is whats going under the quilt machine this week got a lot of  S-I-D done Thursday slow Boring
but it has to be done if I plan to quilt it myself
well off to work all day again
talk later have a great day