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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

stitchers garden off to the quilters

last year i started a block of the month called stitchers garden since i have 2 janome sewing machines  it seemed a good project it was supposed to get you used to all the different feet and what they can use the blocks were quilted and you appliqued the blocks with the foot used then each one had at least one frame around you finished all and sewed together then it says to ditch quilt between each frame and sashing  their are 4 borders anyway you get it im sure I DONT THINK THERE IS ANY WAY OF JAMMING THIS THING IN MY MACHINE AND QUILTING IT AND ENJOYING THE PROCESS! NOT ONE BIT

soooo i called a couple olf longarm quilters and they tell me this is custome work and is very tinme con suming the first one i talked to said  are you sitting down i hope  360 .00  dollars ARE YOU KIDDING ME so after several more calls i found one that has done this quilt and a little more resonable

the backing i got in padukah at the quilt show 9.99 a yd for extra wide what a dealand the batting im going to try the recycled dream green she said it quilts great