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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Donation quilt finished

My donation quilt for the summer celebration 
It was a kit called claras journey but I renamed it journey to Kampsville 
My husband built me another display stand since someone stole the other

I gifted myself with the set of rulers from the quilted pineapple 
And I had some flying geese units and nothing to do with them I found this pattern in the calls quick quilts April may 2015 this is a smaller version theirs is 4/12 ,mine is 3/12 and theirs has6 rows but I added another border and it is not grey but green dots
My stained glass quilt
I started this 2 years ago quilting that is I thought I would make different grids in each section
Hated it 
Wadded it up and stuffed it in the closet now mide you the fabric was not cheap a fat qrt bundle tutti fruition and the patters from turning 20 book
This what I had done about20 of these different 
So last month I pulled it out and picked out everything I had quilted

Took around 20 bobbins and around 6 hours 
I knew I could never keep a straight line so I just tried to make them look the same distance apart I like it mush better

This is my falling charms love it it's huge and I'm binding it in yellow 
This is a lengthy post but I wasn't to Paducah again this year to the quilt show 
I planned on trying to stalk and get a pic with the green fairy did it I took a selfie with Thelma cupcakes prize winning quilt and she was actually there got a picture my idols and got in a Eleanor burns show also
Well I'll leave you with that 
And talk lateri
It's done finally my fantastic husband built me another display stand since someone had to have the other one ( stole)  
It was a kit called claras journey but I'm calling it journey to Kampsville