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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years

still not much going on severe pain in my leg ongoing and slight depression I feel hopefully my trip to the doctor tomarrow will prevail
I have started a new project 
And hubs and I are really cracking down on our eating
Point me I'm using leftover Avalon fab
This will be Eloise birthday #4 quilt
Got back my Tennessee  waltz last week from the quilter
More later
A quick quilt I'm looking forward to

Something that's been on my bucket list got it from Amazon and already used it for several christmas projects on my silhouettes Pinterest board if you have interest in that 
Slow cooker Italian beef over cauliflower purée mmm boiled it with 3garlic cloves and process with thyme ,s&p, garlic, 2tbs light sour ,cream, 2 tbs butter
Also I got a new phone I'm working on posting photos with it it was easier with iPhone but I'll figure it out might have to start a new blog  my husband hates me using his acct anyway
Well thats about it today 
Talk later