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Monday, November 24, 2014

Holidays eww!

So I have had a lot going on lately the last couple months were a killer at work always are but I am not as young as I used to be 
Yes yes it is true but I got a new toy it's been on my bucket list
A silhouette cameo ( cheers )
But as usual a week after I got it from Amazon if you wondered  they came out with a new one but I am happy oh so happy with mine I have not used the sketching pens yet
But I have cut fabric for some pillows 
if you've never heard of it please go to Pinterest it can draw and cut uses files from the site for free or less than a dollar no cartridges to buy like the cricket and who hoo the things it can cut and draw  I have a few projects on my Pinterest board and there are a lot more
 I'll share here hopefully soon
 Painting and recovering this old chair

Going to be white with a turquoise chevron pattern 

Freckled whimsy did a tut over at the sis six blog about these positive negative pillows using the deer head die I loved it so I'm doing some for my niece 
I am going to start a new Pinterest board of just my projects soon I hope you'll look me up
It's going to be another busy month and the father of my neises husband passed sat so that takes 3 coworkers out after they just got back from vacation so I'm pooped and back to the grind tomarrow
Talk later