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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

metro hoops (aka) teething rings

this is a special project i have been wanting to try this pattern its metro hoops using the curve it up ruler
which i looovvvee!
i think i have at least half of her patterns and have made quite a few
as i said i wanted to use this pattern and i am short on time my niece is getting married in Oct and i still don't have the binding on her dwr quilt 

so i got out some leftover strips of my birds and berries that i used in summer in the park and here it is i am planning on doing the quilting i am going to give it to a special baby girl that has literally been in the making 
i wont go into detail but the things that doctors can do these days
i have a couple more almost finishes but no pics up yet 
i am trying a new way to upload using my camera not phone 
but the pics have to go to picassa
well thats it 
talk later