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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

French braid obsession I'm so afraid

So short story of this quilt most of that read this blog know I bought the book French braid obsession at Rosemary's quilt store last year my husband liked it and picked out the fabric for it
What You don't know is that I was scared to death to start this the ladies at the store said it used a jelly roll so you know me they helped with the fabrics and were more than happy to cut the fabric into 2 1/2in strips asking sure we had plenty and we left
This store it 2hrs away 
I went home excited and began to read and retread the instructions
It did not use a jelly roll and the center braid is1 1/2 wide strips the instructions are for yardage
Sewn together then cut into the right width now I'm really scared and I only need 9 colors so I know I don't have enough to do 4large braids 6 1/2 long and the center5 1/2 long so here we go back to Rosemary's they are confused to so they search through all the fabric and we come home
And I begin

The center square and braid and starting with a partial seam? Did it!
Oh did I say that it does not tell the exact size of the center you have to use the width of the braid 
I need a exact measurement so after cutting 3 I got one right still scared!

Next border ok so far

Large braid x4

3,4,&5 borders the set up of the same strips cut2 1/2 and sewn end to end
And another6 1/2 border of the floating leaves
Oh here is another glitch so since I screwed op he size to the square now I don't have enough to do the outer border (gasp!)
So I got it at Joann's in St. Peter's maybe they have more!
But the ball win store has 2yds and 13in. So another 60 miles to St. Louis 
Now I have had to call everyday for3days because they only hold 24 hrs
And I had to work all weekend when I walked back to the cutting counter and saw it laying thereI think I peed a little !
I was scared it would not be the same

Now there are 6 more borders
A 1 1/2brown

A 3 1/2 leaf border
Not her brown skinny frame
 a pieced 2 1/2 from the braid colors
Another brown skinny frame
AND ..... another 6 1/2 outer border
Oh did I tell you all those borders are sewn together at different lengths
It's all sewn into a miter frame! Yikes!!!!
As long as my internet holds out 
There will be multiple pictures so you might not to look
Next blog
Talk later 
Have a great Mother's Day