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Sunday, November 24, 2013

double wedding ring #2 TADA!

well here she is all done bought the backing just going plain muslin the other one I know is for a wedding gift so I put the wedding fabric on the back but just in case since there is no talk of another wedding ill save it for the label


it is 7x7 the blocks are 17 " like the other I hope I put this one together better learned a lot the last time the fabric is called giggles be me and my sister I ended up having to have 2 fat quarter bundles the last one I got off etsy a little cheaper about 86$ it is not cheap to make one unless you have a lot of scraps i also miscounted and has to do some ripping out I always plan on having extra blocks to play with but I ended up with enough to make a bed runner no wonder I was sick of looking at those little pieces I need to sew on 2 more arcs and its done
I am still having trouble loading my pictures am still working on that
talk later have a great sunday