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Saturday, March 9, 2013

happy saturday /dwr process

happy saturday everyone ive been really busy we have three vehicles and they all needed oil changes at the same time so that has consumed a day off every week for 3 weeks because partly due to the fact we had alot of snow and the car could not get out of our driveway and our dealer is not just down the street heck there is no one down the street from here!

i have been moving all of my sewing accessories fabric ,rulers/books etc. to the basement because someday we are going to need the other bedroom for that grandbaby visit and truthfully it was a little crowded im not sure if i will move my mashines down there i dont know if i have room so i had to purge what i had down there

we are getting new dressers (WE REALLY NEED NEW ONES)and so now i have to paint the ceilimg and walls i have never painted in the bdrm since we moved in im sorry to say so that will take next week and we are putting down new carpet !!!yaa!!! out with the stinky one i have a shampooer and have cleaned it several times a yrs but after all the dogs and cats over the yrs its time to go

a few yrs ago we put down new floors and everything went down and never came back so its going out i gave away some scrapbooking things i cant seem to have time for i did get a little  more done on dwr tho i have pairs sewn together and i made a few more arcs i might make it a row bigger from free spirit bolds prints and solids

so thats all my rambles today
now off to work on this rainy cold day might be a slow one hope yours is great !!!