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Friday, November 4, 2011

finished friday ..well sort of

i actually finished piecing this last week (dissapearing nine patch)same pattern as with my halloween quilt but a different set  up.since i have done something to my right ankle and cant use the foot pedal on my machine i dont have anything that i did this week i have an app. with doc on monday but have to work over the weekend ,guess what i do for a living  (waitress) no sitting down with my foot up for this girl grin and bear it i always say although i have worked there more than 20 yrs so they understand if i am a little slower than usual have been having this pain all month well enough about me.
 i never posted about this quilt.
  this is kandi's quilt my little dog it will be in the truck for when she goes with us and it is cold she likes to snuggle up
this is some sample quilting i did on a leftover piece i usually make a few extra for this purpose or for making a pillow to match i used a template i got from green fairy quilts i cannot do justice to her quilting on my janome but i am going to give it a try if you have not stoppped by her blog you must !!!her quilting so beautiful !!!!!!!